James Excavations - Civil Construction James Excavations - Civil Construction

James Excavation is dedicated to providing cost effective solutions that exceed expectations and delivering projects that demonstrate our skills and expertise.

Our successful undertaking of specialised services has led to a reputation for setting new standards in the civil construction industry.

Our strategy encompasses continual investment in new machinery, rigorous upgrading of plant and equipment, and a strong desire to remain at the forefront of new technology. Our successful track record is also due to JE’s talented Project Managers leading highly qualified and cohesive teams.

In combination, these elements have enabled us to consistently deliver the highest standard of work demanded by a vast and diverse client base.

Our Civil Excavation Services include:

  • Site Preparation – we satisfy all obligations and prerequisites for site preparation, development, bulk and detailed earthworks, and concreting.
  • Road and Pavement Works – this includes flood works, car parking, footpaths, kerb and channelling, stormwater works, major and minor roads, residential, local access road construction and maintenance works.
  • Subdivisions –this includes residential and industrial for all pavements, conduits, kerbing, sealing, earthworks, sewer and water, and signage requirements.
  • Earthworks – all components of bulk and heavy earthworks are within our area of expertise.
  • Drainage Works – these works include large pipeworks, headwalls and pits, council and water authority applications and projects, stormwater, pump stations and culverts and industrial water infrastructures.
  • Dam Works and Liners – these include clay linings, spillways and HDPE liners, bio retention basins, retention basins, earthworks and batter protection.
  • Environmental Works - this covers rehabilitation and seeding works, clay linings and liner installations and topsoil and hydro mulching.


James Excavations - Environmental Work James Excavations - Environmental Work

JE have the equipment and personnel to cover the following environmental works

  • Bank stabilisation and erosion protection
  • Bulk earthworks including excavation, backfill and compaction
  • Civil earthworks and earthmoving
  • Environmental dam construction and repair
  • Gabion and beaching construction
  • Industrial site decommissioning and demolition
  • Landfill leachate collection systems
  • Pump stations
  • Rockfall netting
  • Stockpile handling and disposal
  • HDPE dam liners
  • Installation of underground services
  • Remediation earthworks
  • Stormwater capture and drainage including gross pollutant traps
  • Supply and installation of underground drainage systems
  • Wetlands Development

Heavy and Over dimensional Haulage

James Excavations - Heavy Haulage James Excavations - Heavy Haulage

JE has the ability to offer heavy haulage as one of its many services undertaken throughout Australia. We have deck widener trailers of up to 3.5 m in width and have the ability to haul large tonnage. We provide haulage for major earthmoving contractors and manufactures, including clients such as CAT.

Bulk Haulage
JE have the capability and expertise required for moving large quantities of material in a quick and efficient manner. As the preferred supplier to several Victorian quarries we are adept at handling the transport of demolition materials and all road based material.

We offer the whole range of supply and cart options and furthermore have the capabilities to contract to major quarries.


James Excavations - Plant James Excavations - Plant

JE employs its own fully qualified and trained maintenance personnel capable of running our specialized maintenance software program, which is used for tracking, scheduling and coordinating regular preventative maintenance in a timely manner. This ensures downtime of plant and equipment is kept to a minimum and provides our clients with comfort and assurance that our plant and equipment is in top working condition to offer timely, quality and cost effective services.

JE has also recently commissioned fully equipped mobile service units which greatly contribute to increasing the uptime of our plant and equipment fleet. This is a critical aspect on any project and ensures that we can continue to operate efficiently and meet project completion dates, avoiding any cost escalations due to downtime.

The inventory of plant and equipment operated by JE includes:

Excavators in varying sizes up to 36 tonne
Articulated dump trucks ranging from 25 to 40 tonne
Truck and Dog tri and quad axle combinations
Compaction equipment
Rollers - smooth and pad foot
Water trucks
Dozers – available with PAT and SU blades
Loaders – wheeled loaders
Multi terrain and wheeled skid steers

  • ISO14001
  • AS-NZS4801
  • ISO9001